Launceston muslim communities celebrate Eid Al Adha

Yesterday, more than a total of 150 members of the Launceston Muslim communities, including their family and friends, as well as students and staff of University of Tasmania attended a family gathering at Degrees Restaurant in Newnham Campus on Saturday afternoon to share food and get together with muslim communities in Launceston.

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‘No need to be afraid’ of Muslims

MSAL President, Abdul Majeed Al Barzan, had his opinion in the Examiner

A LAUNCESTON Muslim community leader says anti-Islamic bigotry is an unfortunate side-effect of the fear generated by extremist group Islamic State.

Muslim Student Association of Launceston spokesman Abdul Majeed said ‘‘everyday Muslims’’ would inevitably feel the judgment of ‘‘ill-minded’’ people who associated Islam with counter-terrorism raids and the government’s decision to raise the terror alert level.

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